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Prospective Healthcare Solutions

I spent 15 years in the managed care industry, in both the group healthcare and worker’s compensation markets, focusing on strategic national account management, new business relationship development, and building and leading teams of some the best client-facing talent in the business. I have had the responsibility for managing and growing my company's relationships with over 200 healthcare clients, representing billions of dollars in annual medical expenditures. My focus and responsibility was to drive workflow efficiency, medical cost savings and overall financial performance to improve profitability for my clients' enterprise.​

​At Prospective Healthcare Solutions, we are partnering with some of the brightest and most experienced minds in healthcare today, to bring you promising new innovations in technology and workflow management that will revolutionize the business side of healthcare - getting at the critical issues that stymie the affordability and value of our healthcare system. First, we are a resource for payors and providers alike, since so much of the waste in the system is related to both sides spending countless man-hours and hard dollar resources to reconcile payment and contract reimbursements. We offer innovative approaches to resolve payment discrepancies and elevate revenue confidence and predictability. Second, with respect to the important obligation of provider organizations to collect, verify and distribute accurate and timely information about the physicians and other licensed professionals treating their constituents, we offer a systematic way to dramatically reduce the associated costs and risks in the credentialing process, while improving the quality and timliness of this very important information. Finally, we are helping to change the way people confidently identify, locate and connect with the healthcare provider community.

P. Kevin Donahue, Principal & Founder​

As a 27 year sales leadership and business development professional with a diverse background, including 15 years in the managed healthcare industry and nearly 13 years in financial services, Kevin's experience includes broad operational and financial knowledge around PPO network management, deployment and repricing; provider contracting; hospital and non-hospital reimbursement methodologies; non-network fee negotiations; fee schedule repricing; contract compliance; and medical claims processing, edits and workflows. He is particularly effective at managing complex institutional client relationships and adept at leading client accounts teams to successfully engage and close very complex deals involving numerous internal and client-side stakeholders within both the healthcare and workers' compensation markets. He has led numerous successful client acquisition and implementations projects; several with eight figure multi-year contact values that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in savings to his clients. Kevin received a B.A. in Economics from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.